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I know there are other great communities about Germany such as here in Reddit, Toytown is full of condescending, bitter expats who love tearing down curious N26 Management reacted officially later on, once the date for the election was set news relating to Germany and German culture. k. Members. Online​.

Once you found an apartment and have settled down in Berlin, you’ll have to learn to navigate German bureaucracy. While it can sometimes be overwhelming, fear not, we will try our best to assist you and walk you through the process step by step. Below we have listed information to cure the chaos, ranging from registering at town hall, signing up for health insurance, opening a bank account and other practical tips. If you come to Germany with a visa through GetYourGuide, you don’t need to schedule an appointment at a town hall, as the foreigners office submits your documents to the town hall after your visa appointment in Berlin.

The available dates are marked in blue. You can go there during office hours, but there may be a longer wait. You should check frequently as spots sometimes free up due to cancellations or additionally opened spots. If you need help scheduling an appointment let us know. After completing your registration, you will receive your Tax ID Steueridentifikationsnummer within a couple of weeks via post – please make sure that your name is on the mailbox.

This document is very important and we recommend to store it in your personal files. For instance you will need it for opening a bank account, as some banks require proof of German residency. Setting up a bank account is a straightforward process.

An Introduction to the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK)

To Everyone: Please tell a friend! You have been warned! If you know anyone who has a ToyTownGermany account: you are advised to tell everyone to delete it immediately!

Germany has a claim to being the home of health insurance. Its system dates back to the s and the time of Bismarck. You can read more about the international health insurance issue in many online forums and see which The forum Toytown Germany has a very active community, including some.

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Interactions with the finance authorities is almost always something we want to avoid. However, doing your tax return in Germany can not only be super easy, but also prove to be quite profitable. If paper forms are still around, tax payers have now a wide array of options to process their cases. Expats have been blessed with many others to do their tax return in Germany in English too. You might not obligated. If your salary is your only income and you are single, then it will be a piece of cake to get your tax refund.

You have already paid your taxes, now your job is to obtain as much refund as you can!

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Are you living in Europe and looking for looking for country specific news in English? This franchise also has Croatian and Romanian news in English. Just steer clear of the comments section, lest you loose hope for the future of humanity. I have to say the German version seems to be a cut above the rest with quite a few very interesting, well research articles.

Their forum Toytown Germany is also a great source of information for anyone living in Germany or who is planning on moving there.

All of the relevant forms are available online. Alternatively, you can pick them up from your local tax office if you don’t feel like printing. Toytown.

This is a pretty lengthy guide; you can either read it from top to bottom or use one of the links below to jump to the right section for you. There are a number of options for accommodation here. Take a look below and see which best suits your life:. The apartment will come as a big vacant space. This is really important to know before you move in so you can prepare in advance. Also if you want to check out more weird cultural differences, this article will be right up your street!

But, it really does help grease the wheels with a landlord. Landlords can afford to be picky because of how rent-orientated the culture here is. If you want to get a basic level of German behind you, I highly recommend reading this article. It pays to get it checked. Paperwork is considered a hobby in Germany.

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Business and Services Directory. You’re not truly living in Germany until the paperwork’s done. Here’s a quick primer on exactly what you’ll need. All foreigners from outside the EU who wish to remain in Germany for longer than three months must obtain a residence permit Aufenthaltstitel , of which there are now two types. Contact the local Foreigners Office for more information about this.

Filing a tax return in Germany has not only become rather easy, but it can get you The ministry for finance has even set as the date after which no paper forms guides made in English around by our good friends of ToyTown Germany. If this is too much to do, there are also online tools that make it super easy to.

Business and Services Directory. Germany has a long tradition of creating and maintaining strong social programs. Even given its exceptional social commitment throughout its history, Germany currently has an extremely low birth rate 1. Germany’s ideal birthrate would be 2. Elterngeld is funded by the federal tax system and replaced, on January 01, , the pre-existing Erzeihungsgeld or Parenting Allowance.

This is not a permanent subsidy while it is limited to the first 12 or 14 months following the child’s birth. The amount of the Elterngeld is based on the after taxes income of the parent dedicated to caring for the newborn and is to be viewed as a limited income subsidy.

Tax return in Germany for foreigners made easy – Steuererklärung

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If you want to date Germans, my advice is just to start off with making German friends, and eventually they will introduce you to their friends, you’ll meet their friends’ friends, and sooner or later you’ll find someone you click with.

How to buy a used car in Germany

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Germany draws loads of international students every year with its reputation for high quality and low costs. If you’re looking to do an exchange or degree program here, there are a few things you should know first. For millennials, outsourcing higher education is becoming increasingly attractive.

The limited permit carries an expiration date. You may be allowed to apply for an extension of that permit when the expiry date nears. Perhaps you are joining a.

The KSK is not an insurance company in its own right — you stick with the statutory insurance provider you already use or you can change it as you see fit, and in certain cases you can choose a private health insurance provider. Being accepted into the KSK can be a way to get into a public health insurance fund if your self-employed activity previously prevented you from doing so. You can only be insured from the date upon which you submit your application.

The decision about eligibility is incredibly complex, and the law that governs it is formidable. In any case, it will probably take the better part of a year to get the initial decision. You can adjust this prediction as the year goes on and you get a better idea of your finances. Yes, plenty of people underestimate what they earn and pay significantly less than what they should. If you were voluntarily insured under statutory health insurance as a freelancer, you would pay ca.

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Feel free to contact me to add or remove any link. Consistently shows the most complete listings and good prices. Wimdu — Apartments for short lettings. Bit like a German Airbnb. Most advertisers speak English. HC24 Leipzig — Reputable local letting agency.

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Setting up a bank account in Germany is a straightforward affair — once you know what you are looking for. And like any task in Germany, if you have the paperwork in order. Many banks, like Sparkasse, offer a free student account or waive monthly fees. It is often mandatory to make an initial deposit once the account is opened, but the amount varies across institutions. When you open a Girokonto , you normally receive a debit card, or as the Germans call them, an EC-, Giro- or Maestro card.

Banks commonly charge fees if you withdraw cash from an ATM in a different banking network. There you can withdraw cash for free. To my surprise, purchases that I would use a debit card for, like gym memberships, flight or train tickets, prefer withdrawing money directly from your account. Keep these numbers handy. Even if you are not sending money internationally, you are often asked to provide both numbers.

There are quite a few, but Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Postbank and Sparkasse are brick-and-mortar banks commonly found throughout all of Germany. Plus, there are various online banking options. An important decision you will need to make on your oh-so-exciting banking journey is whether you want an online bank or a traditional brick-and-mortar institution.

The application processes vary slightly, but ultimately the documentation you need to move forward is the same.

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